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The meaning and essence of TEJASVANI are frequently questioned. TEJASVANI wasn't derived from an individual's name or chosen by experts for an entity. It has never been primarily about business or monetary gain, neither in the past nor at present.

It revolves around the acknowledgment that humans are merely a part of the universe, not the universe itself. It stems from the realization that even in our darkest moments, nature has a way of extending a helping hand to guide us through turmoil resulting from our past actions.

Many of us are so self-absorbed that we fail to recognize this gentle assistance. It's a matter of faith that nature isn't in competition with humans or engaged in conflict with them. Rather, it's our human greed that disrupts the natural flow of energy. We mistakenly believe that employing more force or adopting similar techniques with greater intensity will yield different results, yet this heightened force only accelerates disintegration.

Over time, we've come to understand that there's a shortage in the market for products that are genuinely organic and reasonably priced. All our products are crafted in-house and prepared upon order, ensuring they are as fresh as possible when delivered to you.

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