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The Full Story

The website was established as an expansion of the TEJASVANI GROUP (ASSOCIATION OF ORGANIC FARMERS), which has experienced significant organic growth over the past four years. Our goal is to offer top-notch organic products such as essential oils, blends, and roll-ons, among others, while also championing organic farming and the incredible farmers driving it forward.



The logo symbolizes that achieving peace in nature must begin with humanity (represented by the lotus held in the human's hand), and the rising sun signifies that peace initiated with humane intentions will pave the way for a brighter future for both current and future generations.


Tejasvani embodies hope and serves as a beacon of peace. We hold the belief that a tranquil mind holds the key to alleviating the pain and suffering in our world. Our vision compelled us to take a step back, weaving together the elements of land, water, and botanicals, with organic farming emerging as our pathway towards achieving our mission of sustainable living.

Image by CRYSTALWEED cannabis
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