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Gut bacteria health and essential oils

Maintaining good gut bacteria is essential for good health, and it is well-established that gut bacteria play a crucial role in our overall well-being. From birth stages, the body gets its bacteria, and these bacteria can outlive the human body's death. Different microbes thrive in different pH zones of the body, and they fight each other for domination, and nutrition and don’t like external agents coming to capture their areas of influence.

There are several reasons why there may be a serious gut bacteria imbalance, including excessive use of antibiotics, nanoparticles in the environment, processed food, toothpaste, cosmetics, and age. Diet is also a significant factor in gut bacteria balance. Research is ongoing, but both the human body and microbes are dynamic living entities, constantly in a state of relationship and conflict with several environmental parameters, what we consume, and the limits of imaging technologies that force parameters to remain under constant change.

Therefore, the symptoms, stool culture, and inflammation of the intestines remain the defining parameters. Although there may be a few more, they are minor and meant for specialists. And given the dynamics of the situation, it is like the story of nine blind men and an elephant. Each has its own specialization, and given the fact that human trials are never a possibility, it is never an easy job to pass several gatekeepers, even if it reaches its destination zone.

Window of Hope:

Learning from other sources like agriculture and animal husbandry, which have the same common set of issues. Bacteria is a universal fact, and in animal husbandry, they have conducted much better research, as animals are easy to try, and collateral damage does not shake consciousness. In a study, the microbial changes in pigs were assessed as influenced by the consumption of oregano extract in combination with peppermint and thyme essential oils. The results demonstrated that the combination of plant extracts had a positive effect on the gastrointestinal tract of animals by increasing the number of probiotic bacteria. Based on the results obtained, it may be outlined that the combination of oregano extract and peppermint and thyme essential oils can be a promising ingredient as a functional component for the development of new nutraceutical preparation.

Knowing the other benefits of essential oils, such as being an anti-oxidant, and anti-inflammatory, possibly an oil blend can be made to be regularly taken along with food, especially as we know which bacteria are elevated in different health issues. We can use that specific essential oil to reduce the load size of that bacteria. Yes, it's possible, and we have enough data to know which essential oil counteracts which bacteria.

In conclusion, maintaining good gut bacteria health is essential for good health, and it can be achieved by taking care of what we eat, avoiding excess use of antibiotics, and consuming essential oils that have been scientifically proven to have a positive effect on the gastrointestinal tract. By taking a proactive approach to gut health, we can improve our overall health and well-being.

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