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Aloe vera gel and its effectiveness against skin issues

The skin is the first line of defence against the threats of infections, environmental agents, and loss of bodily water. Adequate moisture content is important for the healthy, smooth, and specular gloss appearance of the skin (Voegeli et al., 2015,). The stratum corneum, a thin highly efficient biological barrier membrane, maintains smoothness, softness, flexibility as well as physical and mechanical properties by binding water efficiently (Ogawa-Fuse et al., 2019, Parke et al., 2021). Recently, the hydration state of the stratum corneum has gained considerable interest and is determined by a dynamic equilibrium between the water retention and water loss from the skin surface. It is dependent on the water-absorbing capacity (bound and free water) of the stratum corneum and its ability to retain it (Palma et al., 2015). Water is a vital element of the body (represents 60–75 %) and has a unique role in cell homeostasis, maintains body volume (both intracellular and extracellular) to prevent dehydration, and regulates body temperature (Secher and Ritz, 2012).

And is the start of skin disintegration that leads to skin ageing.

We as producers of one of the finest Aloe Gel are proud of it and that can be helpful in a lot of skin issues including keeping hydrated. Over the years we have used it as a great phyto carrier for almost all types of skin issues including on the scalp. And are proud to make custom-made gels for individuals.


Melanin is a pigment which is responsible for the color of the human skin. Hyperpigmentation is a situation in which a large amount of melanin is synthesized. This generally happens due to excess exposure of the skin to the sun. In reaction to UV rays in sunbeams, the skin cells called melanocytes initiate to synthesize melanin. This increased synthesis of melanin is responsible for the emergence of darkened patches on the skin. Aloe vera has the property of diminishing the pigmentation and dark spots on the face. (1 and 2).

Skin Eruption

Aloe vera containing creams are beneficial for skin eruptions. Aloe vera gels have been proved to be the best remedy for burns and wounds. Actually, cellular regeneration, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal activities of Aloe vera make it useful for skin eruption [3 and 4].

Itching and Blisters

Aloe vera also provides relief from itching and also helps to treat blisters. Aloe contains vitamins B1, B2, B6, B12 and vitamin C that provides soothing and pleasing sensation to skin [5 and 6].

Skin Aging

Aloe vera initiates the synthesis of elastin as well as collagen. These proteins are essential for preventing the aging of the skin [7 ,8].


Aloe vera helps to eradicate acne scars by performing as an immune booster and an anti-inflammatory agent. Beauty products composed of Aloe vera may diminish the rigorousness of acne. It is also composed of the chemical ingredients which have the property to save the skin to initiate the acne. (9,10).


Aloe Vera has an outstanding possession in diminishing the hurting of sunburn. For this purpose, it is rubbed directly on skin. (11).


Aloe vera imparts the sensation of freshness. It helps in increasing the distribution of blood therefore providing easier oxygen exchange among the cells, hence giving them nourishment (12).

Moisturizing Agent

Aloe vera may also be used for softening and moisturizing the skin. There are so many products available in the market containing Aloe vera which may be used post-showering to obtain the skin in super soft shape. Aloe vera gel applied on the face forms a delicious cover that helps to shield the skin from dust and other natural elements that may be injurious to the skin. (13 ,14).


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In winter if yr skin is dry u need lil bit glycerin thats all

But in summer season wowwww .. no words can describe …

Its perfect for discolouration of face too


I just love it .. it gives glow , plump skin , and absorb within 2 minutes , no heaviness like any creams emulsion etc ..

not living patchy form on skin …

Its just plump

Even i dont use any sunscreen too ..

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