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Debility, fatigue of body/illness

The main purpose of writing this article came by when a member of the group told me of general fatigue caused in the body after chemotherapy. I wanted to talk to a few people who are either individuals bearing its cost or doctors with whom I have worked in past to find a solution to morphine patches used in pain management of advanced cases of illnesses, especially cancer.

Broadly speaking let us try to understand the causes of fatigue as relevant to the layman:

1. Moment the body or brain comes under stress (fear being one of the major stresses with a huge spectrum of the rainbow) the body and mind starts weakening in strength , signs can be several one of them body fatigue.

2. When the body is ill, the body tries to fill the holes caused by illness thus diverting resources of the body to fill holes in larger quantities hence causing fatigue.

3. Broadly speaking all illnesses have something in common:

a. Inflammation: The agents in the body that are meant for self-healing are not able to either communicate cell or host ill cell is not hearing what is it being told to do.

That means elements that are trying to bring natural healing are consuming more energy without any result and that energy is being sucked from all body and wasted.

Treatment protocol:

Adding to the misery, almost every medicine's necessary ingredient is an antibiotic and we have a genuine problem there. While our microbes (who eventually have a job of converting everything in ready to use by the body) are impacted by high dosages of them thus changing their profile our enemies inside bodies are becoming resistant to them thus requiring higher dosages as there has been no breakthrough in the antibiotics field for over 2 decades and as things stand nothing is coming up in the near future. Higher dosages are resulting in us requiring more resources to meet the body’s needs in nutrition where our intake either falls (because of mouth tastes) or gut bacteria profile changes (bioavailability) and our kidneys and liver must do more job in just removing the debris caused by all the medicines and hence need more resources.

The delivery system of drugs is still a major challenge to the medical world so there are a lot of carpet-bombing concepts happening and hit and trial methods (since medicines are made with defined parameters) while each patient is different. Imagine a situation if companies start making only 8 number shoes and ask everyone to adjust to them.

All such problems have essentially three solutions:

1. Optimum utilization of existing resources body has already. And the brain is an energy guzzler. So, by reducing stress /anxiety you save a lot of energy. And the medical world has nothing good to offer them other than anti-depressants, which compounds the issue.

2. Increase nutrition : which has a limit in the physical world.

3. Increasing the efficiency of new intake.

Or think out of the hat and find a solution.

I promised our members we will request devi to deliver us some grace and in the year 2001 this day she delivered a mind-blowing statement : To create anything new the demolition of old and uprooting foundations is the first step.

Today we take that first step, brush aside what we know and walk to Devi for guidance after all this type of healing was done from times of human civilization with war injuries and protocols were developed and we have used them with success in trauma (severe accident cases ) recovery of body weakness but everything is left to Devi other grace and guide us to deliver a solution by Makar Sankranti the day we celebrate as her day when the concept of Tejasvani as master and we as her wills servant was accepted in right earnest.

So, all members can pray as per their belief system since there is no solution in the market right now and this problem is going to get compounded as we saw with post covid fatigue. We do need very holistic original simple and cost-effective protocols.

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