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Diabetes – understanding it for lay man.

Pre diabetes /Diabetes 2 is reversible, must be reversed and its not rocket science – it's our body we are talking about.

There are three alarming things society at large must recognize.

1.      We are epicenter of diabetes in globe ----its already at very high levels and it is expanding ruthlessly.

2.      Its entry level bench marks are decreasing fast ---younger and younger including kids are coming under its scanner.

3.      It is breaking the urban/rural base, rich/poor base ---its turning very egalitarian and doing that ruthlessly.

So, no one must have illusion about not me. And since it is a life style result ---costs of mistakes we did ---the solution lies in me. Diabetes type 2/prediabetes are reversible. In medical world unfortunately it is only “managed” and making one dependent more and more on intervention medication.

Is sugar necessary for body:

Yes, besides the taste buds it provides energy to body. Sugar is a carbohydrate that breaks it down in glucose which is needed for energy and health issues. Remember glucose mixed water as quick fix for temporary weakness, palpitation and decrease in glucose levels in body. All energy boost quickies rely on that principal.

The problem:

The requirement of energy in body keeps changing across day/seasons/age and that fine tuning is routinely managed by beta cells by managing the insulin hormone. And when that fine tuning goes hay wire either by excess intake of sugar (when beta cells) fail in the managing of flood or when they stop working at optimum levels ---is what we can call insulin resistance.

In over the overwhelming cases insulin resistance develops over time ----so if there is any surprise its because we failed ----so there is lot of time to correct.



First thing to remember is always. This human body was made for the cave man days (and I do not mean Tarzan movies). It was meant to fend for itself ---earn its existence in not very hospitable atmosphere. So, while it was meant to be physically active with ever eternal vigilance. Physically active meant it provided excellent metabolism and vigilance meant ---there were no artificial securities. In fact, I love the word when we admit word “Fight or Flight” mode ---it still exists (and that was a mental process first converted in body’s action. Now human mind operates through hormones ---and for such occasions it used a hormone we call cortisol now (which incidentally also is measure of stress) ----in emergencies it will release this hormone that will force energy levels to increase especially in muscles, heart to pound more to supply blood/oxygen needed both for clarity of action and sheer power. All sensory organs will be on high state of alert ----thus it had a specific purpose, limited role and as soon as mind in his royal mood decides over ---it will shut of releasing cortisol and body organs will shut down from status of in War to normal times.

And unfortunately, now stress at least most of it comes from our own anticipated fears, aspirations. And since we have limited threats from outside ----we over the time replaced them with man made stresses and that is why today probably the basic negative health factor is level of stresses we live with ---that put extremely extra ordinary load on all body organs including Beta cells.

Having understood the body. What is the diabetes. There being basically 3 variants.

1.      Pre diabetes ---when symptoms of diabetes are clear meaning ---insulin resistance has entered critical zone. Body is failing to manage sugar levels.

2.      Diabetes type 2: You are in war zone. And like all wars longer they persist more degraded body will turn into.

3.      Diabetes type 1: When beta cells cease to produce insulin and we will not be addressing that here ---because that is not life style issue.

So, what we need to remember.

1.      Body is to physically labour ----do that for body’s welfare and it’s your body.

2.      Mind /brain is a living organ with its own software ---do not try to over write it. You are nor competent nor meant to do it ---hence reduce stress on it.

If one fails on both bills are bound to come like credit card bills and if you do not pay them penal interest is heaviest of all and you will be bearing it alone.



Besides what we already said. Increase physical activity. Possibly brisk walking tops the list and some time on soil with bare feet (removes both static and floating electrical energy body absorbs as good conductor of lighting by earthing it in soil). The waist girth must always be dignified –obese waist is ill health.

Reduce stress. Stress is cause of lot of ailments and possibly least productivity of human activities with huge costs. Empathy and spirituality are great tools to be adopted.

The practical things

Now since the issue is simple body not being able to neutralize the sugar intake correctly only three solutions exist.

1.      Reduced sugar intakes,

2.      Increasing the capacity of body to absorb sugar levels, or

3.      Both together.

Since I am aware of sweet tooth, we all live with ---I am not one who will ever endorse zero tolerance ---that possibly increases stress because a joy of life is to be cut. But moderation is always possible. Intelligently choose your sugar options. A composite sugar (like fruits, is sensible because it has other composition of minerals, vitamins too. So jaggery, honey is better ideas). Or you can use our proprietary stevia wet extract ---which does not leave behind bitter taste of stevia, is denser almost 400 times more than sugar and nil energy.

The second part increasing the capacity of body to improve capacity to handle excess sugar in body.

Its established bitter tasting improves the insulin resistance in body. Though logically it is simple ----anything that is opposite of thing will either neutralize or degrade the thing. Fire versus water example. Ayurved accepted this principal when it eating protocol it said start with sweetener and close it with a bitter thing. Amla as a fruit has all tastes including bitter that is why it called Amrut (elixir fruit). Or standard ayurved herbs of Kutki (goes in liver medicines) or Kalmegh (called queen of bitters) makes sense to beat the stress of excess sweetener.

The food pyramid:

The food pyramid consists of 3 parts


Carbohydrates of which sugar is part.




Trace minerals.

Most of ordinary humans’ nutrition hence energy comes from bottom part. Tweaking that in favour of middle part of pyramid is great sensible act.

How can TEJASVANI help:

1.Using our stevia drops eliminates the need of sugar while giving the sugar taste.

2. Proving Amla products ---chavanprash, juice, candy both with sugar and salt, pickle, chutney, murrabas.

3. single herb capsules of kutki and kalmegh.

4. Inulin powder to provide fiber a necessary ingredient to stabilize fluctuating sugar levels.

We also provide it packed with polyphenols to improve gut health a necessary ingredient to improve gut health and insulin management.

Whole protocol of management of moods , anxiety ,stress with help of essential oils .



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